I miss travel ;_;

I was thinking I’d like to blog again! But what about? Travel is something often on my mind and 2020 had two fairly large international trips scheduled, neither of which are happening any longer. So thinking about traveling and made this map with TravellersPoint:

Potential upcoming topics definitely include summaries on trips I never really talked about or that occurred during blogging slumps!

Quick check in

Just a quick pop in to say: Not dead!
Still lots going on life wise, but I’m itching to get back to sewing!

I’ve also been thinking about this blog a bit, I started it inspired by all the lovely sewing blogs I follow and with the idea that if I had a dedicated sewing blog I’d be more prone to post.
But I’m wondering if I should just use it as a catch all (still primarily sewing)?

I haven’t decided yet, so in the mean time, I’ll just link some posts from one of my other blogs:

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Regency wearing in Bath

End of the day! So after I dropped my gramma off back at the hotel, she was done walking for the day, I changed into my Regency!
I rushed into putting it on, because back at the Assembly Rooms, the ticket was good for one admission, but I talked to the front desk and explained I’d brought this dress could I pleeeease come back? And she said okay. And they close at 5, and it was nearing 4.


WELL. Actually the last admission is at 4, and they’d closed and locked the doors, from the outside, already!
So I wasn’t able to get any pics in the actual assembly room. Which was disappointing, but then I also realized I had no one to take the picture anyway.


So then my sister and I met at our prearranged meeting spot at 5 and headed to the Royal Crescent for pictures!




I thought this dress would cover my shoes, whoops!


More pics! Read more