Gallifrey 2015

Ah Gallifrey!
I arrived Thursday morning and spent the day with Miss Molly, we went to FIDM and the Getty, I’ll post those pics later.
Friday morning I learned Alex Kingston had a schedule conflict, the weather was so bad where she was filming it put them behind schedule and they wouldn’t let her leave. Sad! 
But it did clear up for me my musings on whether I should get a photo with her or Barrowman or both.
Anyway, this Gally felt very weird to me. I think mostly because Lyn wasn’t there! Even though she wasn’t there last year either, it still just feels strange without her.
I did go to a LOT of panels though. Pretty much all the classic companion ones, and there were a lot! This is the all together panel:

Look how many!
They are just so adorable ;_;

Even though they do tend to tell a lot of the same stories (especially Mr. Hines, since I’ve seen him so many times) their interaction is just so charming I love going to the panels still.

 They just all obviously enjoy being around each other.
Sometimes I can’t handle the cuteness.

 Sometime in the afternoon I changed into Pertwee. I couldn’t decide between a Jo and Pertwee, but last year I saw only one other Three the whole weekend, so I decided to go with that. I did see more Threes this year, like… 4 of them over the weekend.

Jey took these pics for me in the evening before I changed for the evening. 

I really didn’t take anyone’s pic this year! When I wasn’t in a panel I did actually prowl for things to take pics of, but I think it was just the times that I happened to be out and about that nothing really struck my fancy (except for when something did, but I’d be rushing somewhere).
Not that there weren’t lovely costumes, lots of really nice Tens, Elevens, and Twelves. Plus their companions. But I’ve never found Amy/Clara’s clothes particularly compelling.

Idk who took this, but it makes my 6 year old costume look good. Remaking this is definitely on the Someday list.

Makes me a little d’oh that I didn’t bother putting too much makeup on, ends up looking girly :/

Spent the morning in classic companion panels, then off for a pic with Mr. Barrowman!
What a sweetheart!

I’m soooo glad the pic turned out okay ’cause he pulled me into that hug and my mind was going “Bwah what? Ack smile!”
They Gallifrey studios this year and it was muuuuuch better. These people are very streamlined, the tickets have numbers so you know what group to be in. The only thing is the first person who sold me the ticket didn’t explain the process, and told me that my Sunday ticket was the same as a Sat ticket, but the reality was it was if there was time after the Sat people had gone (there was a conflicting panel on Sunday 8D;;). Even so, everyone else was so organized and professional. So so much better than Froggys.

So after my photo I went and changed.

Took this pic ’cause I wanted to see how it looked in natural lighting. If I got enough of my girly makeup off.
Clearly, I didn’t. But I also decided I didn’t really care at that point. Plus, panels.
Before I changed at night Jey took some hallway pics for me though.

So flattering XD

It’s basically a new costume though! New shirt, different trousers (still storebought trousers though), different waist coat. This fabric was my original waistcoat choice, I almost finished it and then I decided to do the two versions with Lyn and I didn’t have enough of this one. So I had to use my second choice fabric for that duo.

Then I went out for a ladies dinner for Valentine’s day, and so missed the masq completely. 

Barrowman panel!
He was hilarious, as expected.

He moves around soooo much though, it was hard to get a good picture.
I LOVED his story about meeting Lucas, super cute.

I really don’t know what most of these photos are in relation to, he’s super spastic so these are just the ones that weren’t blurry!

This I remember. He asked his assistant for his drink. And then was like wtf why is it orange. They put something in it but he didn’t know what, and it was a little fizzy and he drank it anyway. But he made a big production out of it, it was cute.

Another classics panel!

Cute pic of Ellis George at closing ceremonies. Her ribbon collection was massive, she probably got every single one!

All in all I did have a good time, but mostly because I went to a lot of very enjoyable panels. I didn’t cos much, I didn’t run into many people I knew (I think my general crowd is slowly not going anymore :/) so it was strange in that way.

Still debating on next year!

Gallifrey – Jo Grant Shoot

Last Gallifrey post!

The shoot Oscar did with me for Jo 😀 I looooove Jo, even though I don’t think I’m that suited for her, I always love being her.


The rest of the pics after the break!

  photo _MG_3224_zps790757bc.jpg

I don’t really have any commentary on this shoot D: I’ll just ramble in general then.

  photo _MG_3226_zps1da7586b.jpg

I really like the shape of my trousers, and I’m glad the fabric worked out.
As anyone who has watched the commentary knows, Katy’s suit was made out of wool. I’m allergic to wool, but found this faux stuff. Sometimes it looks like fleece… but I think overall it worked out.

  photo _MG_3227_zps0b72c5b4.jpg

So this shoot was after my Katy/UNIT encounter, and my brain had melted, so I really was like “Durp” for photos.

 photo _MG_3229_zpsb7668f70.jpg

Aimee to the rescue!
Photos with friends are always better 😀

 photo _MG_3230_zps6d5a50fa.jpg


 photo _MG_3257_zps2461c99f.jpg


Fun fact, the rings I wear are the same rings I wear for Roberts!Master.

  photo _MG_3260_zps82b717a3.jpg

I’m… really not sure what I’m doing here.

  photo _MG_3262_zpsa58d4892.jpg

Seam lines! Not that you can see them too well, but rest assured, I was well aware of them.

  photo _MG_3265_zps554c41ba.jpg

This might be my Fave 8D
The Doctor’s ladies.

  photo _MG_3266_zps98dc5a56.jpg

“Doctor” pose XD


And I know I posted that one already, but I love it, so you get it again!

/End Gallifrey!

Gallifrey – Shalka Doctor Shoot

Wonder Con was last weekend, so gotta finish up these last few Gally posts! Shalka Doctor! Oscar took fabulous photos 😀

 photo _MG_3146_zps2084b583.jpg 

We weren’t really sure where would be good to take photos.

  photo _MG_3158_zps1ecea918.jpg 

We ended up outside by where the smoking area usually is.

  photo _MG_3169_zps4069b599.jpg 

I like the lights out there.

  photo _MG_3147_zpsa0de9c32.jpg 
 And this wall of… green lighty things.

 photo _MG_3173_zps04c768a9.jpg 

And we tried some hallway action 8D

 photo _MG_3176_zpsf44a7cc8.jpg 

And some Capaldi posing!

  photo _MG_3178_zps371c4a6c.jpg 
Paul Cornell Approved! 😀

Gallifrey – Part Three


Last day!

I’ll post the shoots Oscar did for me next though.

This was panel day!
I pretty much sat in the main programming room all day.

I thiiiiink I got into costume straight off, but honestly I don’t remember, I may have changed during a brief break. Anyway, first thing was the Billie Piper interview at 10:00! So with her and Arthur Darvill, since they were the big ticket guests, they did two interviews, one on Sat and one on Sun, and encourage you to go to one or the other but NOT both, which works out pretty well! I went with the Young Justice panel on Sat, which was the same time as the Piper and Darvill interviews on that day.

Anyway, Piper’s was really informative. I didn’t know anything about her really, other than she was a pop star prior to her Rose role, and there was a lot of “Why are you casting a pop star!” negativity when she got the role. So I had no idea she was one of those young manufactured pop stars, who are chosen for their looks and then trained to sing. Sounds like she had a really busy life, and that maybe she’s not too happy about spending her childhood like that, but has come out of it really level headed and a gracious human being. The thing I remember the most about her Who related things was how crazy Smith and Tennant were together, nothing specific, just that the two of them got on like a house on fire, and acted like it. Also she had some very nice things to say about Eccleston, which made me happy since where Who is related I feel like I only hear negative things.

Then Darvill’s interview! Which… he was very zoned out, tired, and possibly hung over during. He said he was out with his LA friends very late the previous night. So basically he just rambled, and it was sort of fun, but made me wish I’d gone to his Saturday panel. Also in the Q&A someone called him Rory and he was just like “Arthur. MY name is Arthur.” Not rude, but very deadpan and firm, like… he was tired of being called Rory and of all this convention malarkey.

Then there was a music demo, and I know I skipped out on this so I either went to go eat or I got into costume here (see, this is exactly why I’m trying to be better about the whole con-report-in-a-timely-manner thing).

I got back about… halfway through Annette Badland’s interview, which I’d wanted to see so boo. I LOVED her in Boomtown. She seems really nice, and seemed very genuine when saying she really enjoyed her time on Doctor Who, and also seemed quite disappointed when answering a question about coming back, about how she was really just a skin suit so she couldn’t come back ;_;

Then there was a classic companion panel with Katy Manning, Nicola Bryant, and then surprise participant Daphne Ashbrook. Honestly they just all talked like old friends, and are all crazy and said random things and made probably everyone in the audience want to be their friends 😀

Then was “The Two Doctors,” in which basically Paul McGann and Colin Baker shot the breeze.


How does he sit like that?

More pics and the rest of the day~


Seriously, this man is boneless.


I honestly can’t remember a word they said right now, they were just… talking, and I enjoyed it. 

After that Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling came on to talk a bit.


They both talked a bit about the awkwardness of the 50th anniversary, and Hines was quite incensed about it and the lack of love for the classic people.


 But he basically turned it around to be like “Look at THIS, all these people here to watch a 40 year old episode, they should be respected.” ;_; he cares so much.



When the actual episode started though, The Web of Fear, I left to go primp for my UNIT photo at 5:30… on my way there I see Katy Manning in the lobby and I was like Manning! But then saw she was talking to two people, ecstatic con goers by the looks of it, and I didn’t want to interrupt their moment so I walked by, staring longingly at her as I passed (okay well, I did try not to be TOO obvious about it). 

But 15 feet later I ran into Chris by the ATMS and we chatted for a bit, and then Manning came up to meeeee. She was all I’m so sorry to interrupt but you’re me! 8D I died. Like seriously, my heart wasn’t beating. She asked me wherever did I get the suit, and after I said I made it she had to touch it all over and gush over it and warn me not to get it wet, and I told her too late, I’m post shrinkage version! And we shared a bit of an ahaha, ALL THE WHILE SHE’S TOUCHING ME. And then 


I don’t even know how I didn’t faint. 

I wanted to ask for a pic, but as those of you who have been know, the lighting by the ATMs is terrible. And I’d paid for the photo I was about to get, so I let it be. 

So then I’m waiting in line for the UNIT photo, I got there 30 min early, and it gets closer and closer and only John Levene is there…. first we hear Richard Franklin has already left, like.. on a plane back to England. Uhm… isn’t that the sort of thing they should have known about before scheduling this photo?

Then it’s start time but nothing’s happening, so then Levene comes out and says he’s happy to take a photo with us and we’ll be refunded the difference, but he’s the only one there. 
Then the photo people explain, or rather don’t explain, they’re just talking amongst themselves trying to figure out what to do (so frustrating, not only not apprising us of the situation, but not apologetic at all)… So Franklin’s on a plane, Terrance Dicks is sleeping in his room and they don’t want to wake him ‘cause he’s old, and no one can find Katy. 

Everyone’s getting quite agitated because Froggy, the photo people, are only telling us things when someone bothers them, and not being forthcoming OR apologetic and just sort of like “That’s the way it is, deal with it.” Also I’m kicking myself for not getting a pic with Katy earlier. 

At least 30 minutes after the scheduled start time, but maybe closer to an hour?, Franklin and Lawrence come in (I don’t really know what was up with the he’s already on the plane thing…), and THEN Katy! And everyone cheered and she was very apologetic and adorable.


And I got my photo <3 And more hugs, from Katy and Mr. Levene <3 <3

And then Oscar took some lovely pics of me and Aimee, which I’ll post soon!
Then we wandered in for the closing ceremonies and had a big dinner with our SoCal peoples.

Also Aimee has a post with lots of pictures here!

Gallifrey – Part Two

Part two! Aka, Saturday! I got semi into costume in the morning then went down to walk around before the Paul McGann interview.


THIS KID. So perfect, and then the head tilt. Parents, you’re doing a good job. Adorable, while freaky.



We all went down to Froggy’s for Oscar to buy his photo with Piper and me to get the UNIT one for Sunday, and ran across this very good Ten, then because I was not in costume and doing the “tourist” thing I took a picture with him XD I have *never* done that before! I felt really silly but whatever, it was an experience yes?

Anyway, pictures bought, it was off to the McGann interview, where he watched Night of the Doctor for the first time. And I realized… okay so, when Night of the Doctor came out, I had to see it right then but was at work, so watched it with the volume suuuuuper low and as such didn’t hear most of it and was making up my own story. I did see it later with sound, but I liked my dialogue better, so actually I’d forgotten how it really went! So it was like watching it for the first time, with bonus McGann. He said it was cool. And I don’t know how he manages it, but the way he says “cool” is… sophisticated? 

Then I stuck around in the same room for the “Re-UNITed” panel <3


THE CUTEST. I love them all so much ;_;


Richard Franklin, talking about how he was originally more a one-shot character.


John Levene has the most charming smile, I love this man.


Katy Manning’s crazy face <3


So then Manning switched to sit between Levene and Franklin, and that couch was really hard to get a picture of, but I wanted one of them all together, so this was the best I could do.

Omg when they started talking about Pertwee and Delgado and Levene and Manning were all tears and memories I thought I was going to start bawling right there.

This group, I don’t even know how to describe it, they just exude joy and kindness and love and happiness. They are just all wonderful human beings.


Well then I went to McGann’s signing

: McGann

And brought my photo from last year or the year before (uh… when was that…?).
That smirky face.
Then to the room to change!


I took one last pic of my hair, I really liked those braids…. before sacrificing them:


I did like them…

 Anyway, gobs of makeup later, I went down to “Doctor Who: The Wilderness Years” panel, talking about the years there was no Who on the tele (basically a huge Big Finish plug).


And saw this lovely femme Six! I have a feeling I’ve met her before…? Time test…ium? Or something like that ;_; here on lj.
Super cute though.
Then off to Cornell signing!


(augh, I ironed the coat but… sitting in it cause giant wrinkles ;_;)

 Shalka Signed

I got this photo, taken by Scott Sebring in… 2011? signed 😀


Us Alt-Doctors have to stick together. Also, look how freaky I look with flash 8D (non-flash version on my flickr).

Then omg *fabulous* Black Guardian!



This is one of those costumes I’ve always wanted to do because it needs to be done, but now I can rest easy, because it was done fabulously.

Then took this quick cellphone picture before semi de-robing and going to the Young Justice panel (my semi de-robing was to swap out the coat for my standard velvet blazer, which looked a bit waiter-ish but oh well).

The YJ panel was fun! Lots of great personalities.

Then Oscar & I were picked up and went to dinner, and when we came back he took some very lovely photos of my Shalka Doc, which I will post separately, and we hung around a bit and talked to random people, and was told by Tony Lee I was the first Shalka Doctor he’d seen and nice job, so that was nice, though it must have been a ships in the night thing because this coat has been worn at Gally for the last three years, just on different people. Anyway! End Saturday!

Gallifrey – Part One

No actual sewing in this post, but part one to my Gallifrey report! Better late than never! ;_; I think I say that every year.

Anyway, I came in on Thursday morning, around 10-10:30 and my room was already ready, which was SO nice. I thought I’d chill in the room and read and just relax like a proper vacation, but ended up only doing that for about 20 minutes or so before Molly texted she was off work. We went and had lunch and then chilled in the room watching Witchblade 8D
And then I went and picked up my badge and we went to dinner~ And trolled the mall and omg when she dropped me back at the hotel the lobby was CRAZY. So crazy I called an immediate retreat and read in my room for about 5 minutes before thinking if I wanted to see anyone I should do it before I was too tired, so I texted some people and went back out. It was SO LOUD we were having to shout in each other’s ears to be heard so I stuck it out about 30 minutes and then seriously, I almost lost my voice (then it was all hoarse on Friday :/).

Anyway! Friday!

I wandered the halls a bit in the morning, determined to actually take pictures this time!
And lo, a Romana!


Then Aimee pinged me when she came in so I went down to help her set up her artiness, which actually was take the Misses R & J on a walkabout.

More pics from the rest of the day~

After the art was set up, we released them from their stroller and let them roam, seriously they never went in the same direction, I don’t know how Aimee does it by herself! People in line for Froggy’s photos were super nice and let us leave the stroller there as a place holder while we chased them about 8D


Aimee dressed both the girls as Rose from Tooth & Claw.


I only caught a pic of one of them, but they both were just not sure what to make of the Dalek.

Then we bought our photo tickets and Aimee took the girls to the room while I went to go see the Radio Free Skaro panel


And then to a panel on “Doctor Who: From Concept to Screen” with mostly Classic Era people, which was really nice.

And then! To The Line, for Billie Piper 😀


Saw this dude and his amazing Clockwork Woman while in line.
Again the stroller held our place while Aimee and I ran in different directions 8D

Billie Piper *loved* the girls! She asked if she could hold one and it was so cute and I was happy to be witnessing their moment as her and Aimee had this mother moment <3


Then my pic! She is just adorable. And sick but smiling and aaaah cute.

After that pic I went and got right back in line for Darvill while Aimee took the girls home.


Awesome War Doctor I saw while in line.


How gorgeous is that?



Though now I know, not that sweater :/ I bought it for River Tam, from the Safe episode, and it’s great for that if I ever get around to doing it, but it’s all big and loose and such, so when it’s a torso shot I look so wide @.@

Also he’s taller than I thought he’d be. Him, Smith, and Gillian look to be around the same height in the show, but maybe I was wearing shoes with a bit of a platform when I met Smith and Gillian…? I don’t remember now. Anyway, Darvill.

After that I wandered and actually took pics!


A cute Rose & Ten I came across when checking out the cos room looking for familiar faces.


Hand in jar.
In jar.
Love it.


Romana I! I love Romana I 😀


A Capaldi & Moment, this may have been taken while in line the the “Travels with the Doctor” panel, which featured basically all the companions that were guests 😀


New Who got a couch to themselves in the corner XD They were actually pretty quiet, but I think that was partly to do with how many people were on.


My favourite couch, this is a typical pic XD Because Katy Manning (WHO I LOVE) is a crazy ball of energy, so this is true to life!


But so is this <3
She’s gorgeous. And Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling’s face of “Oh Katy” is perfection.


Omg I love her & Hines.


I was in like the 3rd row, but because of my angle I couldn’t really get that middle couch, which was Nicola Bryant, Richard Franklin, and John Levene.


Then I stayed for the Colin Baker interview, possibly weird but I love Tony Lee’s shoes….

Anyway, Baker is so gracious and so level headed, I love hearing him speak. He also answered in the affirmative when asked if him, McCoy, and Davison are actually under the sheets in the 50th special.

After that I went out to dinner w/ Molly again, came back to Oscar arrived and Aimee returned and basically chilled. A nice end to Day One!