SDCC 2013

I’m so behind on posting, again, so! COMIC CON! (and after this, Costume College, then I can finally move onto new stuff!)

I flew into San Diego on Thursday morning, I’d flown into San Diego once before but couldn’t remember how I got to the convention! Usually I fly into LA or thereabouts and drive down with friends. So I just spotted some Comic Con likelies and asked how they were getting there, and ended up cab sharing with a guy who was very interesting and it turned out was working the Lucasfilm booth so he got the cab as he’d be reimbursed. I did look for him a few times at the booth, but never saw him again, and now I don’t remember his name anyway.

The rest of my room came in around the same time, it was great timing! We checked in, and went and badge got, and then zoomed and got pretty much all the exclusives I had wanted.

Anyway, we changed into our first costumes of the con in the afternoon!

Summary of the con w/ photos after the break~!

They had decked out this ship for Assasin’s Creed, but it wasn’t open yet when we went.

These costumes were what took up soooo much of my time. I just didn’t really think it through, what with my evening summer class.


Us with the artist of Fables! So that made it worth it. And he recognized us (both the characters and the fact that we’re “those” Fables costumers), so yay!

Then we trooped back to the hotel, changed, and dinner!
I got up semi early and went and joined Jey in line for the World’s End panel, which was the first panel of the day in Hall H.

The guys were a bit jetlagged 8D

I didn’t cos this day, but followed my lovely Wonder Women around, and shopping was had! (I will, one day, do a Wonder Woman w/ them :D)

Idk if these are screen used, but neat nonetheless.


Again w/ semi early getting up, I joined Audrey in the Once Upon a Time panel 😀

First was for the new Wonderland show starting soon (actually, this month I think?). We got to see 40 min of the first episode! It wasn’t completely edited so was rough in places, but looks good! These three are Alice, the love interest, and the villain.

Then the OUaT panel~

It was fun to see them, but they have such a huge cast, we couldn’t really hear from everyone.
I ended up bailing early to go get a ticket for the lego raffle (I tried every day! But I didn’t get one ;_;)

Then back to the hotel to change!

Yay Sandman~ This was totally Vertigo Con for me.

We did Cereal Con versions for the Sandman panel, we didn’t end up getting pics really, but we did meet up w/ this very neat Merv there. Anyway, I think we looked fetching.

Then we did dealers room browsing and in the afternoon I went to the Batman The Animated Series 21st anniversary panel, which was less interesting than I’d hoped (pretty much the same things they say on the dvd commentary) and then the voice actor for Dick happened to be in the audience and he made me (and many others) so sad by saying his daughters aren’t into the show/Batman because they’re girls.



More early getting up! This time to jump in line for the autograph raffle, for Doctor Who 😀 I really really wanted to get signed the pic of all of us Doctors w/ Matt Smith, from 2011’s SDCC.

I diiiiid get a ticket! But, we weren’t allowed to have our own things signed. In 2011 you could bring two items, of your own choosing. So it was bummer that it was only one, and it was provided by them (a publicity postcard). I was super disappointed ;_;

Then I joined some friends in line for Hall H for the Who panel, we didn’t get in (aaaugh and we were sooo close). Did some dealers room browsing, then went to the signing.

But after that, which ran really long because they told me one time, but it turned out they told me an early time, <i>and</i> they were running way late (which also means they rushed us through the line, boo), I went and met up with my gang.

More Sandman!

The Kindly Ones~!

We planned these costumes for that day because of Gaiman’s panel, but we underestimated the line, and decided we really didn’t want to spend our last day waiting in it.

But I’m glad we got some pics 😀 I think it was a fun group. Also, Sandman never goes amiss.