2016 Photoshoot: Jedi & Vilya

On another day we did two of my semi original outfits.
In 2008 I made an original Jedi, based a bit on Luminara Unduli/Barriss Offee. It’s not really a feat of construction or anything, but since we were already taking pictures and I didn’t have any it worked.

The other outfit was made in 2005 for a masquerade entry, the three of us were meant to be Elvish personifications of the three rings of power from Lord of the Rings. I was Vilya, the ring of air. As Elrond’s ring, I based my design basically on a mishmash of his movie costumes just in all white.


Molly did my makeup, since neither of these things have a set look.

The skirt, turtleneck, and gloves I already had, which actually drove the design since at the time of making I was super strapped for time. Also originally this outfit didn’t have tabbards, I actually made those for my brother who was six at the time. He definitely doesn’t fit that outfit anymore, but I do! So I stole it (the top bits anyway, so basically the two shirts and the tabbards).

This outfit on the other hand, was a lot of work at the time.
It’s hard to see, but all the linework coming from my shoulders, and going down the back, is embroidered on (seriously never doing that again unless you can SEE the work I put into it).

I really liked the sleeve details I had, and the overlapping petal sleeve took me an unreasonable amount of time to figure out back then, but I can definitely see where I’d do things differently now (especially the shoulders…)

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