2016 Photoshoot: Jareth

This costume was actually the main reason for that photoshoot weekend!

I made this for Costume College 2015, but never actually finished it with a correct necklace/symbol and his chest piece. AJ also didn’t completely finish her costume for that year, so we decided to make this photoshooting weekend the goal to get them done!

To be honest… it’s still not 100% done -_-
I have more painting to do on it.

Also my chest piece… fell apart and needs to be redone.

“Hard” costuming (as in, not soft/fabric) is really not my strong point so I made some stupid mistakes.
But I think I know how to fix it!

But even though it’s not perfect, I’m SUPER happy with how the necklace came out!

AJ did most of it 8D But then we made a mold so I can cast a bunch of them for my future Jareth costumes.

So now I just need a new deadline to actually finish 8D;;

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